Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Field Of Dreams.

Today I finally finished my latest landscape painting from original photo by Phill Bates.

Done as landscape challenge on Wet Canvas.

8 X 10 "

La Carte support.

Graphite, charcoal and white pastel underpainting (Derwent )
Holbein (soft pastels)
Nu pastels (hard ones)
Nuvel Carre Pastels (hard ones too)
Sennelier pastels (extra soft, just a hint of it)
Rembrandt (just a hint of it too)
Kooh-I-Noor (extra soft pastels)
Carbotello & Conte pastel pencils


  1. This is lovely Tatiana! I saw most of these on WetCanvas...it was such a great scene, I should of tackled it! Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier...much appreciated!


  2. Thank You, David! I'm so glad WC has an image lab. for all us to use. Some photos are just asking to be painted. I seriously liked your last painting, I just suppose it was from your own photo? Pretty place and gorgeous colors. I need to get some more sticks to keep up with better job! :-)I'm not happy with greenies I currently have.



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