Friday, June 26, 2009

Everglades etc.

Today we went all the way down south till the end of the land and beginning of the waters.
My general idea was to show Irina all wanders of Everglades and also - to collect some reference
materials for future paintings. Two in one. Love it!

Trip was sort of long, but nice. However (surprise!), I have discovered that you can not see even half as much of wildlife around as we did few years ago during the winter... Plus, of course, all those bugs...
Not a big deal, but at winter I love Fl the best and when will be traveling here next time, I'll make sure that it is a winter!


  1. Beautiful photos, Tatiana, especially like the heron. Hope to see some in OPs.

  2. Thank You, Pat! Yes, I'm going to do some of them in oil pastel. I expected to see more animals, but it is too hot for it. However we have a lot of 35 mm pictures from our trip down there we took few years ago... I'll scan them and some of it can be used too. In fact my Florida's swamp painting, one of my very first works in OPs was done from one of those photos. Video I have from that trip is even better. Need to put it on blogger or y-tube... Just too pretty!.. :-)



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