Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cove Creek. 4 x 6 Miniature. Soft pastels.

Soft pastels and pastel pencils on illustration board covered with Colourfix primer. Coating didn't come out very good, so I have some problems with this one, but still - it is fun to work with.

It is my first soft pastel I downsized to standard miniature size of 4 x 6 in the hope that it will be sort of easier with framing issues.. :)
I wish they would have a normal Ampersand pastel board in this size, but they don't.

It is one more painting of our local creek, known as "Cove Creek" from one of my reference photos taken earlier this spring. I have few bigger works started but not enough free time to finish it, so in between I can sneak one- two smaller art works, keeps me motivated, but not so obligated!..

I hope to finish this one tonight and figure out what I'm doing with frame for it.

1) Full size of this painting.


Unfortunatelly Colourfix coating didn't come out right, not smooth enough and not enough tooth on it either. Still - fun to work with. Hope to try my next small work on something different.

I call it finished.

Unfortunatelly only so much I can do with this support, but it is not too bad after all. Also I found out, that taking of good pictures of small art works is even more complicated that big ones!.. (here is a discovery!...:wave: :lol: )

It was a fun to work with this one.

Full size image 4 x 6 "

Enlarged fragment:

Time to figure out a frame for this one!



  1. very nicely done. I love the coloring and presentation of this. Congratulations on a pastel so well done.

  2. Thank You, Gary! It was a fun to work with this little painting, I'm very much looking forward to do another one, maybe even smaller and next time it will be on different support! :-)



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