Monday, June 15, 2009

Late evening sketching.

I'm under very strong impression that all I do lately is grooming of my dogs...

Till the glorious time when new kennel fence went up they all became look like muddy monsters... No comments here.

This evening I got Irina and camera and bunch of pastels and went out to the school in weak hope to catch some pictures of burning sky.

It was very pretty. We took some nice photos for future paintings and I spent whole 40 minutes working with plein air sketching of that sky and mountains behind. 40 minutes were all I had before it became dark.

I'm sort of disappointed with my Senneliers softies... some are not so softies and feels more like river rock and some... just totally wrong color. Fortunately I had few sticks of Mount Vision and it safe the situation... sky came out almost right. Greens on other hand... Well, see for yourself, here it is.

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