Monday, September 21, 2009

Blooming lowlands.

4 x 6" , U-art, mixed pastels and pastel pencils.

Reference photo was taken few weeks ago at Wildwood park, PA, sanctuary of lowlands by Susquehanna river.



  1. Tatiana, I even recognize the pink swamp mallows. I did a painting of those those flowers, but from the path near the entrance. I'm surprised we didn't meet, since our group was painting there near the same time. Your paintings and works are beautiful. Several of us local plein air artists paint Thursday mornings. It may change to the afternoon, because it is getting so cold in the mornings. If interested in joining us, e-mail me.

  2. Thank You, Pat!
    Yes, I was told that some people coming to paint there as a group, but we never met anybody... probably just a wrong timing. :-)But we met a LOT of photographers!

  3. Tatiana, your pastel paintings are beautiful! I haven't worked in pastels for many years, and I just purchased a set. I am actually sketching out a scene with ballet dancers that I was thinking I would do in the oil pastels. But it's a miniature, and I wasn't sure of how much detail I could achieve with the sticks...Seeing your work has inspired me to try. Oil pastels it is!

  4. Hi, Deb!
    I'm working with both - soft and oil pastels. This work is done in soft pastel, but I love oils just as much, if not even better.

    If you want to do small painting in oil pastel, get the color shapers, it will make your work much easier. Get a #2 firm set, you will like it. They work great for pushing of Oil pastels around and working with small details.
    Good luck!



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