Saturday, July 31, 2010

My August solo show is going up!

Today is a Day.

I took over 20 my newest and best paintings to the gallery.
This will be my first solo show in United States. Pretty exiting!
My exhibition will be located at first floor of  so called "2-nd Floor Gallery", Mechanicsburg, PA.
Artist reception will be held on August 21 from 7 to 10 PM.

Sure nothing could be simple and I just had to forget my latest painting at home.
I knew I will do something of this sort, so it was not big surprise, just one more trip back to Mechanicsburg.  Sure, I'm curious to see how it will be looking on a wall, but I'll ave to wait week or so. Starting from tomorrow every morning I'll be running to State College for our annual workshop at Central Pennsylvania Pastel Society. What a month!

With questions about paintings e-mail me at .
To see more of my works visit my web site:


  1. What a month indeed! I wish you much success, Tatiana! It will be fabulous!

  2. Woo Hoo, that's great Tatiana! The very best of luck to you! I'm sure your beautiful work will be well received! Have fun with your workshop.

  3. Thank You, Autumn!
    Thank you, Barbara!

    Workshop is fun and very educational, but driving distance is a killer. I guess at the end of week I'll be half dead (hopefully still will learn something too!)

  4. Tatiana, good luck with your exhibit. I have no doubt that it will be beautiful. See you there.

  5. Thank You, Pat!

    Perhaps YOU will see it before I do. It is on the same floor with your studio!



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