Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Irises" Oil Pastel WIP. Almost finished!

I feel like I'm mostly finished with this work and only going to do some final touch-up tonight and perhaps even frame it. Or not. After all - tomorrow is another day!

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  1. Wow!! It’s simply beautiful. Wonderful pastel work. Congrats!!

  2. Thank You, D.D !
    Just like I said: "Almost there!". I had all intention to finish it yesterday, but some other things came up, so I will try to go for it today instead. I'm done with putting down color any other way, but with solvent, so it shouldn't take too long. Unless, of course today something else will happen and I again will not have time for it.

  3. What a great job you have done on this Tatana.
    It really sings.



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