Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"View of Kings Gap" Plein Air pastel landscape.

"View of Kings Gap" Plein Air
  9 x 12 ", La Carte,  Pastels.

Tonight I finalized my Plein Air  painting what I did this Sunday during our paint out at Kings Gap State park. Almost all of us painted pretty much  the same thing. View of Kings Gap vista was so magnificent that it was hard not to try what could you do about it.

Like usually I went in too many details and didn't finish bottom part of my painting, what is very  typical for me. Most of the time I'm starting to work from the top down, just to prevent all that pastel mess. Usually this strategy  works just fine, but sometimes I'm ending up with half-finished painting when top part is looking totally finished and bottom part is barely there... Not hard to fix it later on, what I did. the only problem is - I don't have a frame or mat for this size of painting, so I have to wrap it in glassine and put it on a shelf till better times. 

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