Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Morning Fog." Pastel

Morning Fog.
10x 8"   Pastel on RTX board

This was a pretty quick for me painting. more like pre-thinking for another painting I may do one day. 
This is a very top of our drive-way with the fog bank coming down from the mountains. When it comes, you never can see those mountains, you can not even see the forest, just some closest bushes and this very tree on the right. I love it. Perhaps one day I'll be happy with how I painted it.
 Today's painting is only a play. But I touched the mystery of this fog and sometime will be back to it.

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  1. So soft, dreamy, and beautiful! You are the pastel master, Tatiana! Have a wonderful holiday season.

  2. Thank You, Autumn!
    Good to see you back online and the same good wishes to you and your husband!

  3. Nicely captured the morning fog. I like this pastel work.

    Wish you & your family a very happy christmas.



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