Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Susquehanna International Art Competition: River Art

Just found out that my pastel "Waterway with Lilies" made it in top 10 in "drawing" category of 
"The 2010 Susquehanna International Fine Art Competition" 
and will be included in "River art" book published by Sunbury Press, Inc.

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  1. beautiful painting! I aspire to someday get my pastel work to be that vivd and stunning (however I've got a decent amount of work ahead of me to be at that level :) Out of curiosity what kind of support did you use - ie wallis / or colourfix pastel paper, amperstand pastel board, or a homemade surface of some kind ??


  2. Congratulations Tatiana, it's a beautiful work! Love the colors and texture!! You have had quite a year! The best to you in 2011!!

  3. Congratulations! This is a lovely scene. I've kayaked through such rivers. It was magical...

  4. Thank You, Susan, Barbara and Katie!

    Yes, one more great surprise at the end of 2010... Of course in a few days it will be another year.

    Katie, I'm using many different supports, but I'm especially favorable to Pastelbord. Most of my landscapes including this one are done on Pastelbord. I like to work on it and it is so easy to frame. However for more detailed works, as Florals and Still Life I use PastelsMat and La Carte. I also love La carte for Plein Air and pretty much anything. Great paper, the only downside - need to be mounted.



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