Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Apple & Oranges". Pastel WIP

"Apple & Oranges".
 11 x 8.5"  Pastel on La Carte.

Finally have my monitor set-up waaay away from my computer (it works simply great!)
Starting my new project. Another Still Life and this time from my own reference (to be honest "reference is all long gone, but a plate...
It would be a total enjoyment, if forget about the fact that night before I managed to drop my favorite box of pastels and nearly killed it... Took about an hour to collect all the bits and pieces.
Hopefully I will continue with this painting tomorrow. 

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  1. Can't wait to see more, Tatiana. Don't you hate when things like that happen? I sure do and it tends to throw me off kilter for at least a whole day!

  2. Yes, Autumn, I DO hate it.

    When I was younger something like that would make me hysterical for a week. Right now... I was not happy, but sticks still can be used and I'm looking at this event - life is just like zebra. Black stripe, white stripe... I guess my monitor is a white one, and dropped box is a black one... After all things have a tendency to come to the balance.



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