Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Some updates on Blossom show.

Today I finished re-framing of "Awakening" before shipping it down to FL. I love this new frame, it is just what I wanted for this painting. Still need to pack it, label it and tomorrow out it goes. It will be a first time when i have to ship out one of my bigger paintings (other then miniature), what makes me worry a little. I should see it again next month during our trip to Naples to see the reception of


  1. Tatiana, this is gorgeous! You've handled that icy crust so beautifully!

  2. Thank You, Autumn! I love this painting too and very exited about it's journey!

  3. This is simply beautiful.
    Forgive my ignorance, do I see a brush in your hand - I thought this was done in oil pastels?
    OR is it a pastel pencil?

    Love your work.

  4. Yes, you are not mistaking - it is a brush. And it was painted in Oil Pastel.I'm normally starting my Oil Pastels with drawing and finishing with painting - dissolving some of sticks with solvent and brushing it over. Almost like I would work with Oil paint or Gouache. Sometimes I'm using natural sable brushes and sometimes - synthetic. One what you see is a white sable syntactic brush, what I like a lot.



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