Saturday, January 1, 2011

"Majesty".Oil Pastel on canvas board. WIP.

12 x 16"  Oil  Pastel on canvas board

Just another something I'm currently working on. I'm giving a test to new solvent (Gamsol) and Canvas Board what I normally do not use for my oil pastels. I'm not sure yet how I like it - combination of OPs, this particular support and solvent, but some things are working better then others. I'm not very happy with drying process, canvas board is not very absorbing. But I'll make final judgment when I'm finished with it. So far have to let it dry and go back to my roses.

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  1. Wonderful work. The way you have captured "Majesty" is amazing!! It's not an easy task.

  2. Thank You, D.D. I don't think I'm totally finished with this yet, but have to let it dry before may attempt to do anything else with it. I generally like it, but wish many things would be different... especially the support. Canvas board is putting some serious limitations compare to what I can do on Pastelbord.



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