Friday, February 18, 2011

"Iris Garden" is a finalist of International Artist magazine "Flowers and Gardens" art challange/competition.

"Iris Garden".
 14 x 11"  Pastel on La Carte.

Yesterday evening I was surprised with a great news. "Iris garden", one of my very favorite Oil Pastel paintings, was chosen as one of  finalists by the International Artist magazine Challenge #62 
"Flowers and Gardens" Competition and will be published in "International Artist" issue #78 April/May 2011.
Now I have to do some writing part about my painting methods etc., what also going to be a part of this publication. And.. I don't have much time to do it, therefore this evening I better get busy!

You can see what in progress of me creating this painting by following this thread 

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  1. Congratualtions, Tatiana. I will take the info from here. I subscribe to the mag so I'll see it when it comes out.

  2. Thank You, Pat!

    I wanted to get my own subscription and look like now I got my wish. Both my wishes. my painting will be published AND I'm getting my free subscription as a bonus!
    And I'm very happy it is another achievement for Oil Pastel artists too!

  3. Congratulations Tatiana! This is indeed a gorgeous piece and I can see why you are a finalist!!

  4. Thank You, Autumn!
    Getting in finals of this competition (sometime, someday) was one of my ultimate goals.
    Two reasons - of course it is a good prove (to myself) that I'm actually going right direction and my paintings are starting to look professionally sound. And secondly - get those Oil pastels out there. It is such a great medium, it deserves to be more known. I'm very honored to get into finals, but it was a great surprise it happened so soon in my painting career. I only entered to my fist show about 1+ ago.... Anyway - this is great and I'm happy about it.

  5. Congratulations Tatiana!! This painting is beautiful and deserves to be published! Would love to try oil pastels myself.

  6. Thank You, Carol!
    This is one of my very favorite paintings for sure. I'm very glad people like it.



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