Monday, February 7, 2011

"Blossom -II" reception is here!

Leaving for Florida very early this morning. Tomorrow will be official opening and award ceremony of "Blossom-II". I hardly can wait to see all those beautiful works of art. This is a totally amazing event for me. Hardly can wait. But... Tomorrow is another day!


  1. Tatiana, this has to be so exciting! Let us all know about everything. You will have fun. Be sure to bring back some warm weather.

  2. Have a wonderful time Tatiana! Congratulations again!!!

  3. Hoping you are having a blast, Tatiana!

  4. Thank You, ladies! Show was simply perfect and so was our trip around national parks of Florida. I returned with something like 8GB of pictures and video. This time I got really lucky with that shoots we took. A lot of great reference material for future paintings... and simply a lot of good photos.



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