Friday, February 4, 2011

More of Apples and Oranges. Oil Pastel on canvas.

This is just a little "something" I did yesterday night and today evening.  I took 8 x 10" canvas board and coated it with Colourfix primer (2 coats). When primer dried i did elementary oil pencil sketch. then went with first layer of Oil Pastels and solvent (Gamsol). After it dried overnight finished it with another layer of Oil Pastels.
I only used few sticks of Holbeins out of my little 40 color set. It was fun.
I used same photo reference I did before for my soft pastels, but rearranged those oranges a little
to keep it more simple. 
BTW, here is one of my favorite books on Oil Pastels. I have few, but this one is my favorite and tells it all.
John Elliot is an amazing artist. 


  1. Thanks for the book idea, Tatiana. I think YOU are an amazing artist.

  2. Thank You, Autumn!
    I have waaay to go before I will approach to the Elliot's level. I'm good. He is great. But I still enjoy your compliment! :-)



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