Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Longwood Garden's Orchids. Oil Pastel WIP.

"Longwood Garden's Orchids"
Oil Pastel 14 x 11" WIP.
While I let my oil  painting to sit around and dry, this is another project. Framed size of painting going to be 20 x 16", but painting is an only 14 x 11'. I'm going to do several floral works after out visit at Longwood Gardens earlier this spring. This is a photo what I'm going to use for my first reference.
 It was significantly modified from it's original version and I'm pretty happy with it now.
 It took me about two evening to work on my drawing and then I transfered it to the board. Now, starting from the top, I'm carefully erasing outlined of my drawing and filling it up with color using some watercolor pencils. It is exactly the same process i used when i painted "Iris Garden". After I'll be done with pencils, I'm going to turn drawing into watercolor underpainting, because it works much better as underpainting for Oil Pastels compare to pencils. When it will be done the most fun part will be ready to start.  I'm not sure how much time it would take to accomplish - for the simple reason, I have more then one painting in progress and I'm giving my priority to Oil painting first. So all depends. Mean while, this one is progressing .

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  1. This will be so beautiful and you have an amazing start!



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