Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Orchids in Ruby Glass" Pastel 11 x 11" WIP.

"Orchids in Ruby Glass" Pastel 11 x 11" WIP.

Latest project. few evenings of playing with camera and thinking of another Still life... or two.
And I think this is going to to be the ONE. Flat Ruby-glass bowel on a dark wood with some floating orchids.
Lot of time for photo-shoot, lot of time with Photoshop and now I'm down to dilemma what I'm going to do about drawing part. Flowers are not hard to draw, but i have not easy geometric pattern  with all reflections on the bowel... So this time I'll have to do drawing with the greed, I like it, or not. I'm going to draw on my support, hopefully without any additional image transferring involved.  Mid-gray PastelMat, off white pastel pencil. maybe tomorrow I'll have a chance to start with some color too.

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  1. Gorgeous photo, Tatiana. I can't wait to see it when you've finished. What an awesome piece this is going to be!

  2. Thank You, Autumn!
    I think it will be great on La carte, but I don't have any at this moment.... So PastelMat it be. I like this paper too, but so far La carte works for me the best. Well, if I don't like it , always can do another one, not a problem, But I think it should work for me with this support.



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