Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Orchids in a ruby glass". Oil. Update #2.

"Orchids in Ruby Glass" Oil 12 x 12" WIP.

I didn't paint mush lately, because was too busy with other things... and today it is a perfect day to paint in - weather is miserable and I simply do not feel like emerging to the house-work. Therefore I paint and maybe will even have something accomplished. Still working just with two color, what are no colors, but value scale. It is getting more interesting. I just have to keep in mind I decided to stay away of Oil Pastels this time... I have another orchid painting for Oil pastels in my mind... gorgeous idea (hopefully will be gorgeous painting too!). But with 3 started painting I better have something finished first before trying out anything new... even if it is gorgeous.

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  1. great video Tatiana
    Your work has matured so much in the couple of years that I have followd you. Especially your flower work.
    My hat is off to you.

  2. Thank You, Gary! I hope I can keep up with compliments I'm getting from you and my other friends! yes, I have to agree - I learned a lot, but then more I learn then better I see that I still have a lot to learn! I have no illusions about it and trying to treat most of my paintings as 'learning experience". What this one sure is - I never done anything of this sort before. I really want it to end up as a beautiful painting, but I never know, if I will love it when it done, or....

  3. This is looking so fabulous, Tatiana. I can't wait to see the color added.

  4. Off to a wonderful start, Tatiana. I know it will be awesome when finished.

  5. Thank You, Autumn and Carol!
    I may only hope it will be us you say - beautiful. This is something very new for me to try, but if I do it careful enough, it should be successful.



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