Friday, February 20, 2009

Paiting of the week.

For whatever reason often I'm starting to work with more then one painting/drawing on a time... Usually I know that some of them will take a lot of time and a lot of thinking and it will be SLOW. However some I'm trying to finish at time I gave myself... usually around a week or so. It could be half of hour daily or several hours... depends of time availability. It is something sort of "painting of the week". Not exactly a sketch, but something what started and finished in short period of time. This week it was seascape what I mostly did in Senneliers, but added just a hint of Neoplastels, mostly to change a sky color, since I have limited blues in my arsenal. Here how it came out. The only part I'm not totally happy with would be a clouds. I like the rock on the right (yes, once again - the rock!) and structure of water. New shapers were very helpful with it. mMaybe I will change the clouds, I'm not sure.

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