Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Pears and Grapes" Pastel WIP.

"Pears and Grapes" by Tatiana Myers
11 x 14". Pastel on Pastel Mat.

My latest work is going to be Still Life in pastel. This time I'm using Pastel Mat for support and totally love it. I started my drawing in charcoal and going to do some work on values before starting with full color. I'm using 3 colors of charcoal: dark black, medium gray and white. 
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  1. I love this composition, Tatiana, and I cannot wait to see the color added to it. I didn't know you could use pastels over charcoal. It won't muddy the waters? (I truly don't know!)

  2. Thank You, Autumn!
    I love this composition Too (it is not mine, but used from permission of author). As for pastels over charcoal.. it is very coming thing to do and no, it will not mess up with colors. In fact with pastels you always have to do with lighter colors over dark, not the other way around.



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