Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Waterway with Lilies" by Tatiana Myers.

"Waterway with Lilies" by Tatiana Myers
12 x 12". Pastel on Ampersand Pastel Board.

This is a picture I was hunting for several weeks this spring.. There is a place at Wildwood park where swampy marsh is meeting with open water covered with Water Lilies. Those pretty little things were staying closed every time I go to see them. But one day I got lucky. Place looked picture perfect and I took numerous reference photos and painter "Waterway" after one of those shots. 
Gouache underpainting, mixed pastels and pastel pencils.

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  1. Tatiana, you paint shallow water better than anyone I know! This is beautiful! Just want to let you know that I am having a difficult reading your written words though. They are rather blending in with the black background...

  2. What a beautiful scene you've painted. Invites me right in and the details hold my attention. Love it Tatiana!

  3. Thank You, Autumn!
    yes, I know, text color was off for some reason. I think I fixed it now.

    Thank you, Nancie!
    I love my swamps! I'm glad to see I'm not along here! :-)

  4. Tatiana, your work is really nice and bright, pleasing to the eye and inspiring. Keep posting.

  5. Thank You, AK!
    I have full intentions to continue!



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