Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oil Pastel is winning again!

   I just found out that my Oil pastel "Peonies" was awarded first place at spring Flowers and Gardens all-media show at
"2-nd Floor Gallery" Mechanicsburg, PA!

It wasn't a juried show, but people choice voting. Thank you everybody for this honor and your recognition of my work!


  1. Congratulations, Tatiana. I think the People's Choice Awards are the most meaningful. In truth, it's the viewer who truly appreciates the piece for what emotion that painting evokes.

  2. Thank You, Pat!

    I have to agree with you about it. When you have a single judge's decision it most of the time about personal preference. When many people will make the same choice it shows that there is a something about this piece what makes it
    different, standing out.

    I started "Peonies" just as simple demonstration painting what I did for "Art and Soul" gallery, but work turned into something more then just DEMO work. I'm very happy with this fact, and even more happy, because it is an oil pastel, medium what i love and trying to promote.

    I know you voted for this one too. thank you for your voice!

  3. Congratulations, Tatiana. I am not surprized that this won - it is beautiful. The People have great taste!

  4. Thank You, Claire!

    I'm very honored with this choice.

  5. Congratulations again, Tatiana! It is a stunning piece!

  6. Congratulations Tatiana and well deserved. A beautiful work!

  7. Thank You, Autumn!
    Thank You, Barbara!
    I'm glad you like this my work.



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