Monday, August 17, 2009

Far away light. (Cove Creek again!) WIP

Ampersand Pastel board 11 x14 "

Mixed soft pastels.

Reference picture for this painting was taken from the middle of creek, when water was shallow and I had a chance to get across of it with my regular shoes. Camera was pointed toward waterfall, however you can not see the falls, just a reflection of light coming from it. Very pretty. 

I have a mixed feeling from this painting, still not sure, if I'm going the right direction with it, but I'll try.

I started my first layer with charcoal and then mostly with Russian Yarka pastels, since I have two colors in my little set, that works for my advantage. Next layer is Holbeins, then - everything I have. 

Before I started bigger painting, I did my try out for color pallet on La Carte.
I'm going to frame this one in dark mahogany Plein Air style frame to create an affect of tunnel from the dark to the light. I like it mostly so far, but few details. I think I sort of did too much with lights at the end, probably will have to modify it a little, the lesser at this point will be better at my opinion. 

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