Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Far away light. WIP. Update.

Here is my update on this painting. About another 2 hours of work.


  1. Hi Tatiana
    Thanks for your post on my blog. This picture looks good. Look forward to see the completed version.

  2. Thank You, Sandeep!

    I'm looking forward to see it finished too! (I already have way too many unfinished paintings sitting around, so I better do a good job on this one!)

  3. Hi, Tatiana! I read and enjoy your postings in Wet Canvas, especially in the pastels section. You have very good ideas and you offer very good advice. My problem is that it is very difficult for me to read your writings because of all the horrible spelling and grammar mistakes. They are very distracting. I would be very appreciative if you would send your writings through a Spell Checker and a Grammar Checker -- like Microsoft Word -- BEFORE you post them on Wet Canvas. I would be grateful to you if you would do that. Thank you!!

  4. Dear Anonymus! Let me put it this way: I DO check most of my post in AOL spell checker, that is not always does the best job. I happened NOT to have Microsoft programs. Oops!... I also happened to have English as my third language, not even second and usually do my posts way after midnight, when I have a time for it after taking care of dogs, horses and old relatives... So, I really try to do my best on my end, if you have a problem with it, probably the best solution will be not to read my posts. And, if you do comment at them - at list sign it with your real name. Sincerely, Tatiana



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