Wednesday, August 5, 2009

HDR photography and Cove Creek updates.

Tonight I went back to this painting. I have some fresh ideas and a lot of with to finish it... soon. Hopefully. Or not. So far I have the right feeling to it - time is not so important.

So, here is an update. I think I have just a little bit too much of it at the left part of painting and when I'm going to have it finished, some left part of painting will have to go. Looks to me whole picture will be better balanced this way. I have two photos to post - one actual update on this WIP and the other one just try out with the frame and with some left part of painting cut off. I feel it looks better this way.
I'm using Valencia frames for some of my pastels at present moment, at my opinion they give some nice assent to pastels, adding lot of light and not too expensive after all! :-)

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