Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Running Creek. Last update.

Finished this one and framed it too. For some reason had a very hard time to take a final picture of it. But it is OK.


  1. A nice rendition Tatiana. Was this totally in Oil pastels? I would think that a very difficult medium to use. You seem to be handling it quite well.

  2. Thank You, Garry!
    No, it wasn't in Oil Pastels, but it is soft ones. You are not the first to be tricked by it. I have about the same style of painting in both mediums and often use the same support - Ampersand pastel board. Oil Pastels are not so hard to work with, how many people think about it. I'm pretty sure, with your experience of oil painting, you will be just fine with OPs. That is not much different, PLUS you can just paint with it, if you would like with regular brush in solvent, as you would do with oil or acrylics. Oil Pastel Society has a lot of info about it, you may check it out, maybe you even will like to try it someday!

  3. This is such a beautiful piece Tatiana!!



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