Sunday, October 11, 2009

And more York show news.

We went to York today for the opening ceremony.

It was totally great. Lot of wonderful art works, many interesting people and even some very good food! (one more surprise!).

Yes, "Awakening" took one  out of 10 awards of Excellence, what is amazing... out of 140 juried accepted works of art, my Oil Pastel was named like one of top 10. Oh, I'm so happy! Don't know what will be next, but feels like more work is going my way!..

Pat Koscienski was there too and introduced me and my family and friends to other artists. Thank You, Pat! Looking forward to see you again and paint together.

All over it was very interesting and pleasant experience. Should do it more often! :-)


  1. Congratulations, again Tatiana. You well deserve it. I'm sure you will be doing it again. Join us plein air when you can.

  2. Thank You, Pat! I'm very much looking forward to our Plein Air sessions! Hope weather will cooperate! :-)



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