Thursday, October 15, 2009

Colors of Fall. WIP. Update.

Worked today some more with my fall mini. It is getting to be more and more painting, not a drawing.

I like how colors are coming and mixing together, almost like oil.

Pastels are using on this one are mostly my softest pastels: Schmincke , Sennelier and Kooh-I-Noor.

Since it is so small I might need another painting session to finish it, but not this night. Too late, good time to go to bed.


  1. Tatiana, my eye is drawn right to the sunlit field. Your values are right on.

  2. Thank you, Pat! I may have this one finished today... Or tomorrow. Speaking of values, we just went to art store I had to grab few more dark browns, hope it will help with a logs on a front. So far none of my pastels can do the job. Will see tonight, is new ones will help.



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