Friday, October 23, 2009

Autumn Mosaic. WIP. Update.

I'm having sooo lot of fun with this new painting!... AND I have a name for it now, how you can see it... All my tempera already dried, soft pastel sort of settled down, what didn't - I managed to shake off... Now it is a time for Oil pastel and some Neocolor Wax pastel. I also will do some brush work with solvent and some shaping and texturing with silicon shapers... Way to cool painting for me to be serious about this one. I think it is my mostly "Mixed" mixed media painting I ever had done!

Probably will take few more days to finish, since oil pastel is tricky to work with. Especially in this combination with not more not less, but soft pastel!

Picture 1. Some oil pastel applied. First stage.

Picture 2. More of Oil pastel layered, blended and shaped. Beginning of brush work with solvent.

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