Friday, October 9, 2009

Yesterday's Plein Air.

View on Rockville Bridge, 9 x 12"

La Carte, Mixed soft pastels and pastel pencils.

Yesterday had a chance to sneak out for some Plein Air painting with the group of great local artists.

Had a wonderful painting session, weather was perfect, light was perfect, everything was perfect, but timing... needed to rush  Irina to the job, right about when I was half-way done... So, painting took some finishing touch up after I was back home.

Thank you to Pat for inviting us to the group! It was great experience! Looking forward to see everybody again.


  1. I'm so glad you joined us, Tanya. You have a really nice painting. Irina's photographs are paintable. She is a good photographer.

  2. Thank You, Pat! she is GREAT photographer and her best pictures I didn't post. Will need to play with photoshop yet and it will be good reference photos for the future.



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