Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Autumn Mosaic", mixed media WIP. Last update.

"Autumn Mosaic", 14 x 11" 

Mixed media on Ampersand pastel board

I finished "Autumn Mosaic" last night. I had a blast painting this one! No, this is nothing like me and my paintings, but probably it was a general idea - just try something totally new and see how it will turn out.

I love it. And I don't like it at all. I'm a very detail oriented girl that looking for classical realism and "Autumn Mosaic" is no such a thing. But i think it was a pretty successful try out for "as mixed media, as it gets". It is almost 40% egg tempera and another %40 oil pastel, but... we shouldn't forget about soft pastel too and some India ink.

Practically I put all my favorites in one painting...  pretty scary mix, but it is a Halloween after all! :-)


  1. Tatiana, I really enjoy watching your paintings develop. I know you like realism, but this turned out very well. I like it, a lot.

  2. I have a mixed feeling about this one, Pat. Probably because this one is very unusual one for me, but something I like about it for sure. Have it entered in competition online... let hope it does well. :-)



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