Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Lights and Reflections" Pastel. Finish.

"Lights and Reflections" by Tatiana Myers
12 x 12". Pastel on Ampersand Museum Pastelboard.

I finished "Lights and Reflections". Love this painting from the time when I just start working on reference to the time I call it done.
It is very special for me, probably just because I love that place.

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  1. Such a beautiful scene and wonderful sense of tranquility, Tatiana! A gorgeous painting!

  2. Great job! I did a similar stream last year, where I was trying to marry burnt umber dark areas with the orange and light highlights. Your piece is much more effective! I love how you've added the bright blue shadows in the foreground...I'm a big fan of the bright color you use in your work.

  3. Excellent depth great reflections , beautiful pastel work.

  4. Thank You, Autumn!
    I'm looking forward to see some green leaves, so I can go back there, take more pictures and paint!

    Thank You, Deb!
    Perhaps with color combination this one is my best up-to date. I like it too. :-)

    Thank You, Rishi!
    thank You for stopping by to see my blog!



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