Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Waterfall. HDR photo.

Waterfall. HDR photo by Tatiana Myers.

I'm so glad I finished counting of those endless tax receipts!... Had no time for painting but had time to play with software. This is my latest creation and I sort of like it!
With questions about my art work e-mail me at TanyaOfOz@aol.com .


  1. Have no idea of what you've done or how you've done it, but this piece sure looks cool, Tatiana!

  2. I agree with Autumn. What is a HDR photo? With that rock? on the left corner, you get a lot of depth to your photo and I like that spider web water. I have to say I'm envious of you getting your taxes done. I haven't even started! Also, I got a notice of deliquency on my PA sales tax reporting. I'll be in a jail cell painting by the light of the north window LOL

  3. Thank you, Autumn!
    Thank You, Pat!

    It is not so simple to explain about "what is HDR". Let put it this was- it is a new kind of digital photography with different level of picture manipulation. If you are interested,online you can fine tons of articles. Many photos you can see in Gallerie 13 are in fact HDR photography.



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