Monday, May 4, 2009

Azaleas WIP.

This beautiful bushes grows on our local school yard. I took several reference photos. This is my favorite one:

I painted this small picture from image above, just to get my colors right. It is a miniature painting 6 X 6 " on watercolor paper, primed with Colourfix. Mixed soft pastels.

Then I started on final version. This will be 11 X 14 ", Sennelier Pastel Card, mixed pastel.

So far I'm done with first layer plus some little extras.

 And this is how I finally finished it. Probably will frame it tomorrow, if .... wait a second, it IS tomorrow!...  Oh, well. Nothing unusual.  :-)


  1. Nice finish to the painting. I like seeing your steps.

  2. Unfortunatelly it is an only photo I have so far, but I'm not considering it finished, so you will be able to see another step up... When I'll find a time to do so.
    I did a charcoal sketch on this one, blocking and practically just started with first layer of color. That's it. :-)



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