Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bathing of my Oil Pastel painting.

Today I realized that my new WIP of Oil Pastel on Ampersand is covered with 1/4 inch of dust from all the construction works.

This is not funny! I had to do something with it before I can even attempt to finish my painting.

I found a simple solution - gave my painting a bath in the bathroom tub under some running slight worm water and then let it dry. 

It worked like a magic!

Painting is looking brand new and very... Oil Pastelish. Nothing is wrong with it at all. Naturally I wouldn't try anything of this sort, if it would be a work on paper, what this one obstinately is not.

Lesson is learned: or keep the dust away somehow, or give your painting a bath. ( Irina thought I'm nutz, but liked it after all).

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