Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sunny field.

I just got my Ampersand pastel board 5x7 sample pack, what I wanted to try with my soft pastels... and so I tried it!

This is a painting of the farm field right next to my friends farm, where we are keeping our horses. Day was going toward the end and it was pretty interesting light in the farmers field and all around, so I hope I managed to reflect it in my painting. The most complicated part was a dark mass of trees on the left, but they came out better then I expected. 

     Ampersand pastel board 5x7

Mixed soft pastels (mostly Holbein)

Mixed pastel pensils.

Charcoal underpainting.

I like Ampersand for both - soft and oil pastels. However for soft ones I like it and for OPs I totally LOVE it. It bringing colors up like nothing else... Someday I'll post here what I did with it, but it is not a right time to do it yet.

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