Saturday, May 9, 2009

Backyard Plein Air.

" After contructors left"

Yesterday, after our contructors left for weekend, I finally was brave enough to take a look at our backyard... It look like a battle field now... No other comments.

I had no time to do any seriouse painting, so I did this wondrefull sketch and called it " After contructors left". 

Fabriano Tiziano paper.

Mixed pastels.


  1. Nice little landscape, Tatiana. Soft pastel? What is being constructed?

  2. Yes, it is soft pastel.
    Constructions... scary to say - lot of outbuilding - down and new addition to the house up. Not mentioning that kennel run area will be totally redone. Not easy to explane, but it is a one big disaster. My in-laws are moving with us sometime this summer and all this going on, because of they are coming. Both are 90 years old, so lot of work before they come and even more work after they will be here. Something what we have to do, but very complicated for everybody.



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