Saturday, May 23, 2009

Evening Skies.

This was a fast right before bed "almost sketch" I did yesterday night. Picture of sunset few miles away from our home.

Another miniature on Ampersand board 5 X 7.

Mixed Soft Pastels. 

Pastel pencils.


  1. very nice painting. I love doing skies and the effects you can get with them. Good job.
    Really liked how your pansies came out too.

  2. Thank You, Gary!
    I checked on your blogs - love it too! I can not to ask - many pictures of horses there.. what kind?.. We have two Morgans and I love them to the point, that probably will make a separate blog just about them!... too many pictures! :-)

    I love evenings skys and place where we live is very beautiful and giving great opportunity for taking of some amazing shots.
    I also have dream to visit your area... have a friend there... dying to see her... and national parks with all that mountains. Nothing could be more majestic.

  3. It seems there are about as many different breeds of horses here as there are in this world. And crosses. There is a ranch that specializes in Tennessee Walkers. Are a lot of adoptive horses from the wild horse adoptive program that the Bureau of Land Management runs. A good outfitter friend of mine uses these in his pack string and they are great horses.
    My youngest daughter lives near the Montana-?Wyoming border at the base of the Pryor Mountains that has the last pure Spanish Mustang from what was brought over after Columbus by the Conquistadors. They are a s;mall but very interestingly colored horses. If interested, I will see if I can dig out some of my photos of them and e-mail them to you.



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