Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Spicy Apple Tea" WIP. Last update.

"Spicy Apple Tea" by Tatiana Myers.

8.5 x 11", La Carte, Pastel.

Yesterday night (or very early this morning?) I had this work finished. It came out in somewhat odd size. When I realized it I also realized that have some museum glass laying around, just the size what I needed. The only missing part was a frame. And here we are "shades of Verona"  custom frame, just on time for finished painting. I like this picture and the frame, the only question will be - what will be the painting #2, since I happened to order TWO of those frames...

This work will be represented on Group show "Fruit and Food" at gallerie13, Mechanicsburg, PA.

Opening reception February 5th at 6 PM.


  1. Painting #2 for the partnering frame? Crumpets? As in tea and crumpets? LOL I don't know, Tatiana, but I love the black and the custom frame for this piece. It just takes a wonderful painting to an even higher level! Great job!

  2. Thank You, Autumn!
    es, I'm going to do the second painting and hopefully will have enough time to finish it... No, I'm NOT sure what It will be. I generally like an idea when I'm entering something at show have all works (or some works) to compliment each other (frames, style etc).
    More likely I'll go with my own composition this time, but I don't know yet what it will be... Could be pretty much anything.

  3. Beautiful work Tatiana! Really nice detail on the cloth. Good luck with your show!

  4. Thank You, Barbara!
    It is a group show, not a juried, very local, nothing big, but... now I have a painting to enter. It was really funny, I have a show calendar for this year and had something suitable for all of them,but still life! I just had to come up with something and so I did.

  5. Tatiana, what a wonderful piece! You have an amazing talent. That table cloth detail is fabulous and so realistic. You're truly inspiring!

  6. This is beautifully done, Tatiana. I can't wait to see it. What detail.

  7. Thank You, Pat! You will like it better in person, picture doesn't do all the justice to it. Perhaps this is my best work in pastel so far...



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