Friday, January 1, 2010

"Spicy Apple Tea" WIP update #1.

"Spicy Apple Tea" by Tatiana Myers

8 x 10", La Carte, Pastel.

Naturally I had not much time to work on it last evening (what happened to be New Year's Eve), but I did something and moved forward a little. I need to finish my glass before I can move forward. Hopefully today I'll get lucky and will have it accomplished.

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  1. It's funny how we all start out feeling about still lifes...and then, turn about to really enjoy doing them. They really are fun to do...and, make wonderful paintings. You have a really good start on this one.

  2. With this one everything is funny... Of course I long time was dying to try something "A-la Dianna", but the reason why I actually did it this time, I found out that should be another group show at Gallerie 13. "Fruits and Foods", or something of this sort.

    And this brought to my attention a fact that I have none of above... No fruits, no foods...

    Then I told myself "OK, let find something SIMPLE and try it... an apple maybe. And then I saw this and got stuck with it... But it DOES have an apple!So I should be OK :-)

  3. Now I am craving tea with cinnamon sticks in it! This is coming along beautifully! I am curious as to the breed of the puppies in the photo on the right side of your page? They are so cute!

  4. I'm not so sure I would drink THAT!... Could be too spicy for me... Oh other hand there is an always milk in refrigerator, it should fix it.:-)

    Puppies on the right are miniature schnauzers (the main reason why I moved in United States, but it is a whole different from my art story). It was a amazing litter we have few years ago. Out of those 4 just one was shown, he is American Champion right now... don't ask me which one! I wish I could show them all, but it is way too much money, I only can do one in a time. :-)



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