Friday, August 9, 2013

Back from Mt Vernon, WA.

Last two weeks I spent in Washington State at Dakota Art Center Pastel workshop. 
It was my third year of studying in group of Richard McKinley together
with some of my old and new friends.
I can not say enough about what a wonderful experience it was Dakota Art guys
made it all simple and pleasant. We had two big class rooms to work at case if we needed
to be indoors and plenty of beautiful locations to paint A-la Plein Air.
If any of students ran out of some supply, it also was available right here, so we really didn't had to worry about anything, just concentrate on our work.
I will be posting more pictures of this trip later,when I'll get to it.
Meanwhile, there is some snap shots from two of painting locations we were using during this time.
Above - beautiful view of farm fields around Padilla Bay Shore Trail.
Below - another beautiful off-shore location where we worked one evening..
I can not recall a name of it now, but it was gorgeous place to paint!

My Plain Air painting. Underpainting stage, on location.

Same work, just about finished.
Maybe I'll will take another look at this one before signing it,
but otherwise I conceder this one done!

...To be continued ...

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