Thursday, August 22, 2013

"Colors of Rainier", Pastel.

"Colors of Rainier", 7 x 5"
Pastel on Wallis.

This summer I was lucky to be able to visit Mt. Rainier National Park.
Place was in pick of bloom. Sub-alpine meadows burster with color.
It was... amazing. Jim and I had almost 3 full days to explore around.
We saw flowers, waterfalls, beautiful vistas and more...
On a last day we decided to take it easy and do not wander around that much.
We spend our last day around Paradise area and at the end of day
I even got to paint a bit A-la Plein Air.
We picked up rather remote and secluded picnic area
and I did quick study on Wallis with my pastel pencils.
Main object of study was a group of interesting looking pine trees.
While I was working on those, I totally missed the fact
that my dear husband got attacked by the gang of vicious mosquitoes.
Apparently mosquitoes won and Jim had to escape to the car
and locked himself there... naturally it was the end of my painting session.
And this is what I ended up with:

Fortunately for me (and for my painting), I got pretty good idea about my subject
and I had no problem to finish what I started on location in Washington
when we were back home in PA.
How You can see, if I would work from location picture and not
from my memory, I wouldn't be able to do it.
Great illustration of fact that "vision of artist and vision of camera
clearly is not  the same thing".

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