Monday, August 26, 2013

"Trinity", WIP.

"Trinity" is my newest work-in-progress for upcoming 2013 Oil Pastel Society show.
Florals are naturally making one of my very favorite painting subjects, especially when 
it come to Oil Pastels. But normally I do concentrate on flower itself us my main subject.
This work is different and brings in play much more elements of classical Still Life.
I'm paying just us much attention to the vase, as to those flowers
and this is something slightly different for me... but I do enjoy the process.
This painting is done (again!) on Ampersand Pastelbord, my support of choice
for most of my Oil Pastels. Very durable, easily accepting all sorts of solvents and
possible painting corrections. This stage You see here is an underpainting done
watercolor pencils what then turned into wash. Working with washes gives me ability 
to preserve most of "tooth" on sanded surface and make application of Oil pastels 
more easy to control, because of better adhesion. 
I'm finished with my underpainting now and ready to start working with pastels.
Looking forward to this evening, when I'll have time to start...

******************************************** be continued!..

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