Saturday, August 31, 2013

"Evening Glow" at La Conners Flats.

 "Evening Glow", 7x5"
Pastel on Wallis paper.

Another beautiful day (or should I say "evening'?)
when our Plein Air group of pastelists  painted just outside
of La Conner, Washington earlier this August. This time
our painting location was a beautiful garden/nursery
called "La Conner Flats".

Many of us decided to paint in the garden, but other part of the group
was mesmerized by those beautiful fields, what were surrounding
place from all directions... Really it was hard to make a choice of
what to paint, when just about everything is looking so inviting.

 Little houses, surrounded by blooming flowers.

 Old farm buildings.

 Golden fields.
You can clearly see what my choice was.
Just a small part of beautiful view above.

While I was painting, my dearest husband was wandering all around
and perhaps got to see more then I did. (Again!)
But those are main rules of painting Plein Air.
You need to make Your choice of the subject and just do it.
You can not do it all.
Sometimes my "photographer part" taking over my "painting" part 
and then instead of painting of one beautiful subject I just starting to
wander around as hunting dog and returning back with collection
of many beautiful pictures, but none of them are paintings.
Good part about it - maybe some of those will became painting
sometime in the future.
Only time will tell.

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