Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lady Bug, the Morgan. WIP. (started 3/31/09, finished 12/27/09)

                                                       Above: Lady Bug in mixed media.

Last summer I went to our friends farm where we are keeping our horses and took few hundreds of pictures once again... My favorite one at that day happened to be a portrait of Lady Bug, young Morgan mare, posing for me perfectly on a background of majestic blue mountains. I loved her head shot so much then soon after did my first painting of her in mixed media an now returned to the same reference photo to try it in Oil Pastels. First I did a quick painting with Erengy on watercolor paper, just to worm up before serious work; and then started my painting on Colourfix with Holbein OPs. 

Above: Lady Bug In Erengy. Sketch.

  I used Art Spectrum and some Caran D'Ache gouache for underpainting and very little amount of Walnut Hollow pencils for small details.

Below: Lady Bug in Holbein OPs. WIP.

As usually when it comes to the sky of water, I had to use some Sennelier OPs, because at my opinion they are most suitable for it. Also for details I'm going to use a wash of Neopastels, but I'm not up to that point yet.

Do not pay any attention to her eyes and ears, it is nearly not finished, mostly just an underpainting. :-)

And after few month right before new year I went back to finish some of my old works, including this one. So here is Lady Bug. Finished after all.




  1. Thank You, David!
    I hope to have time to finish it sometime soon. I planned to do this horse in Holbein OPs and think that made a right choice. Brown Holbeins are great!

  2. José has left a new comment on your post "Lady Bug, the Morgan. WIP.":

    Hi Tatiana,

    Although the oil pastel version is good, the mixed media one is GOOD.

    Kind regards,


    Thank You, Jose!
    I have no idea what happened to your original comment, so I had to retrive it from my e-mail!
    I also like the mixed version the best, BUT OPs is not nearly finished yet, so we have a good chance to see some good changes there too! :-)

  3. I really like your painting, Tatiana. You sound like you had a rough day or 2 there. Hope things are back to normal. I noticed that you painted on the "correct" side of the canson; most everyone in my figure class, and I think Daniel Greene stated in his book, that the smooth side is the choice for most. D.G. felt it held more pastel; I like the "look" better. Again, hope things are back to normal.

  4. Oh, yes... we sure did. But on other hand my very good friend with whom we didn't see each other like 25 years found me... power of Internet! We were looking for each other... in former Soviet Union, but whole this time I was in USA and she... Mmm ... in Greece! No wonder search didn't do much.
    BTW, I had NO idea what side of Canson is "correct". I just did something what was making more sense... guess was right... for ones! :-)

  5. What a beautiful horse she is! I love the perspective with the gate bars included and of course, the majestic mountains in the background. Such a lovely painting, Tatiana!

  6. Wow, on first seeing it I thought it was a photograph! You are very talented, to do such great work in different media.

  7. Thank You, Adriana!
    It is all started from one very good photograph. Beautiful place, beautiful horse, lots of inspiration.



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