Friday, December 11, 2009

Hay Fields.

"Hay Fields" by Tatiana Myers 

8 x 10", Ampersand Pastel Board, Pastel.

Framed, Conservation Glass.

One more small landscape of local farm fields. I liked to work on this painting, it brought back that sunny days I love so much!


  1. Hi Tatiana,
    Love the feeling of this painting with the beautiful PA mountains!

  2. This painting is very nice, Tatiana. I didn't get the full pleasure of that back mountain until I enlarged it. I can imagine walking up that path toward it and seeing it. Wow.

  3. Thank You, Adriana! Our mountains are gorgeous. I don't think I ever will get enough of it.
    Yes, Pat, that path is very tempting to follow , but if you do so, it will not reach the mountains, but bring you right to Susquehanna... Surprise! Mountains what you see here actually on another side of river!Just one more beautiful sight to see.



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