Friday, December 25, 2009

Sakura Carre pastels..."Irish Landscape" Reworked.

Over this week I went trough some of my older works and took a fresh look at them. Some went to trash, others... I just wanted to play some more with those... Like this one. Originally it was done in Sakura Carre pastels. Today I tried to work it over with some soft brands as Terry Ludwig and Schimncke. Then I had to spray it with fixative. Here is two paintings to compare.

Original painting. Colourfix paper, Carre Pastels.

Re-worked painting with Terry Ludwig and Schmincke.


  1. Lovely works, both times around to my eyes. Every time I visit your blog, I am absolutely struck by that painting that is in the title bar. It is truly stunning and the colors are awesome.

  2. Thank You, Autumn!
    It was an experiment both times... First one time with new Carre set, second time, just "what can I do on this toothless paper". It didn't go to well the second time, but I like what I did with trees better... Of course pastels are much better too.
    Title bar painting is one of my very first oil pastels (same like this painting is one of my first soft pastels).It was done mostly with Sennelier OPs, I like them the best for water painting.

  3. like the work over. Not much reworking but sure makes a difference. Good job.

  4. Thank You, Gary! Yes, not much of reworking, since I practically killed the tooth on my paper with Carre... very little was left.But extra soft pastels enhanced those trees and bushes at my opinion, so I'm pretty happy.



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