Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Acrylics with knife.

 "Valley of Fish", 8x10", Canvas Panel, Acrylics.

This evening I did something totally "not me" like. I needed to work on my Oil Pastel, but it was too much commotion, I couldn't even concentrate at all... So I took old canvas panel (that thing was sitting around for years) and 6 pack of acrylics, what came with my table easel and also would otherwise sit around forever... And a palette knife what I'm using for mixing up my tempera paint. Here is results of it... I see there mountains and Valley full of wild flowers... husband sees the ocean and school of red fish here... :-)


  1. Tatiana, this is so different for you. I love it. You have so much movement in this piece, that I go with you husband. I see waves, and the water flowing with the tiny red fish playing in the front wave. You'll need to do more of these.

  2. Thank You, Pat! I was not in a mood for anything serious... so I did this one... and then I did another one , but already in oil, same size, different subject. It was very relaxing. You are right, need to do it more often, it is fun!



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