Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Spicy Apple Tea" WIP.

"Spicy Apple Tea" by Tatiana Myers

8 x 10", La Carte, Pastel.

This is all fault of Dianna and her wonderful Still Life paintings. I never ever though I will turn to something like THAT, called "Still Life". Always was considering it like something awfully boring... And here I came across of works of Dianna Ponting  and it gave me vision of very new dramatic perspective on Simple Objects Of Everyday Live.

And this is all what Dianna's works are about - classical realism, sometimes close to photorealism, play of lights and shadows and dramatic...

So I decided to give it a try, and this will be my first Still Life ever. Original reference photo - courtesy of Dianna Ponting. 


  1. Very nice start. Still lifes can be very exciting, orchestrating the notes in the compostition. Leading the viewer through the painting.

  2. This is coming along beautifully, Tatiana. I am going to have to do this one day myself! I think because I had to do them in art courses, I have a tendency to stay away, but they are great exercises for me in both proportion and perspective...two of the hardest things for me to grasp!

  3. Thank You, Becky! Yes, composition means a lot. I guess I just started from very primitive ones... what kept me away from the subject very long time.

    Autumn, we have the same problem here, called previous art classes. I honestly hated what we had to do in the school. At that time my favorite subject was book illustrations and it had very little to do with pots, pens and
    apples! I think you have to grow to be certain age to see a beauty in it... Does it mean I'm getting old ?... Hmmm ?...:-)



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